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Nationstar Mortgage Holdings is a national provider and servicer of mortgage loans. The company currently serves a portfolio of nearly $400 million and has over 2 million loans outstanding. Nationstar, which was formed in 1994, can also provide customers with the option to refinance their mortgage through Nationstar’s mortgage refinance platform. The Nationstar mortgage refinance platform has a number of different features that can make it a good option for refinancing.


Prior to getting a mortgage through Nationstar, all applicants will be able to receive a consultation from Nationstar. This process will include learning about the different types of mortgage options available, the advantages and disadvantages of each mortgage option, and what the potential financial benefit will be with each mortgage refinance.


One advantage of refinancing your mortgage through Nationstar is that it can be very convenient. Nationstar allows its applicants to apply for the mortgage refinance on the Nationstar website. The application typically takes less than ten minutes and will then provide a user with an initial indication of mortgage terms including interest rate, loan amount, and term, based on the information provided in the application.

After applying and receiving the initial terms, an applicant will have the ability to continue the process. When doing this, the applicant will receive an email and phone call from a Nationstar professional who will assist them during the underwriting process. This will include providing a full list of required information to finalize the process. Underwriting, loan approval, and closing can normally be completed in 30 days or less.

Rates and Fees

The third advantage of Nationstar is that they have the ability to provide the lowest rates and fees in the industry. The company today is able to provide mortgage rates that are around 4.25% for 30-year fixed rate mortgages and 3.25% for mortgages that have shorter amortization schedules. While these interest rates are higher than they were just a few months ago, the rates are still very low compared to historical averages.


Another advantage of refinancing your loan through Nationstar is that your loan will then be managed through the Nationstar platform. Nationstar has one of the best-rated mortgage servicing platforms available. Users of this service are able to obtain a lot of information about their mortgage including balances, escrow analysis, payoff schedules, and current tax information. The company has also received a 5-star certification from Fannie Mae for their ongoing mortgage servicing.